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je ne sais pas quoi dire... ça ne sert à rien. Mais je le dis quand même. Je ne sais pas.


C'est Lucky Fred, l'homme qui écrivait plus vite que son ombre...C'est quoi déjà un scélérat dans la pensée ferneyenne? Un antisémite, un facho?


Quel talent ce... Frédéric Ferney!


Boulogne-Billancourt [Texte imprimé] / [sous la coordination d'Émeric Pinkowicz] ; préface, Frédéric Ferney. - Paris : Éd. du Patrimoine, Centre des monuments nationaux ; Boulogne-Billancourt : Ville de Boulogne-Billancourt, DL 2009 (25-Besançon : Impr. Néo-typo). - 1 vol. (151 p.) : ill. en noir et en coul., couv. ill. en coul. ; 23 cm. - (Le guide).

Titre de dos : Boulogne-Billancourt, le guide. - La couv. porte en plus : "ville d'art et d'histoire". - Bibliogr. p. 145. Glossaire. Index.
ISBN 978-2-7577-0047-1 (br.) : 12 EUR. - EAN 9782757700471.

Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine) -- Guides
Classification Dewey : 914.436 404 (22e éd.)

DLE-20091006-48850. - FRBNF42067816

Frederic ferney

Qu'est qu'un "scélérat"?
Le Dom Juan de Molière: "le plus grand scélérat que la terre ait jamais porté".
Stendhal traite le peintre Le Carravage de "scélérat".
Lacan dit que l'essentiel dans la vie, c'est de ne pas être un "scélérat".
On peut aussi utiliser ce mot avec tendresse ou avec indulgence,comme le mot "coquin": "Donne-moi un baiser, vieux scélérat!".
J'aime ce mot pour son ambivalence: c'est un mot qui accueille les divers degrés de la méchanceté et qui se nuance des divers degrés de la séduction, selon le contexte.
Très utile en littérature.


Ah merci,c'est très intéressant,c'est quand même mieux quand on ne cause pas dans le vide, hein, vieux scélérat, un blog c'est fait pour être intéractif!

mme petit poisson

Scélérat des villes, scélérat des champs. Qu'est-ce que ça cache ce double sens à l'oral?

Anne B

"Genet", le Forçat du Ciel...c'est beau !
Encore un "scélérat" centenaire !
C'est curieux mais la lecture de Genet me précipite toujours vers le "De Profundis" de Wilde, ou les troublantes peintures de Bacon. Des "scélérats"(du ciel), coupables de vérité(s), bien parmi nous.


Y a-t-il des hommes qui commentent sur ce blog,où ne sont-ce que groupies en pâmoison?


Ya quelques hommes aussi, de temps en temps : quelques un me traitent d'hystérique, d'autres de trusteuse de blog, j'en ai peut-être fait fuir certains...Désolée...

Chr. Borhen

"Avec une fleur bleue aux lèvres, ce scélérat est un mystique - je ne suis pas sûr que Sartre l'ait si bien compris, contrairement à Lydie Dattas qui, elle, le déchiffre avec une ferveur exacte."

Moi, j'en suis sûr, Sartre ne l'a pas compris.

(Adorateur "distancié" de Genet, dès demain je cours chez mon libraire. Merci Frédéric.)


Que pensez-vous de la décision de Frédéric Mitterrand de suspendre Pascal Dumay de ses fonctions de directeur du Conservatoire ?


Le FF toujours aussi modeste (c'est sûr que l'animateur doit mettre ses invités en valeur mais je pense qu'il doit être lui même charismatique, sinon on décroche):

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J'aime ce mot pour son ambivalence: c'est un mot qui accueille les divers degrés de la méchanceté et qui se nuance des divers degrés de la séduction, selon le contexte.

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C'est curieux mais la lecture de Genet me précipite toujours vers le "De Profundis" de Wilde, ou les troublantes peintures de Bacon.

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Il détecte de la lumière aux plus bas étages de l'abandon. Il offre le cas, que ça plaise ou non, d'un mysticisme pur qui est, oui peut-être...

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Why do I bother calling up pepole when I can just read this!


Recently, the essay abGood sex illustratedbb has been pulhbsied by Semiotext(e) (November 30, 2007) and is reasonably priced, ISBN 1584350431. The translations of the novels abWhen Jonathan diedbb and abStrange landscapebb date from the 1970s and are quoted at Amazon's for about $200 and $50, resp.Perhaps it would be cheaper and more rewarding to learn French? Duvert is a pleasure to read, ab Paysage de fantaisie bb, lacking any punctuation, makes also a good trainer for French grammar. I read him only for pedagogical reasons, of course.


The continuly iasrencing violence against fellow citizens such as women, friends, and others has definitely contributed by changing social conditions back home. This guy is deported three times and come again to Britian and is still illegal immigrant. If you analyze his situations , he will be forced to commit any crime though i do not agree with his action but it should be analyzed his mental situation after being deported and his case dismissed. Definitely this guy come along way of violence and arrogance starting from Eritrea.This is also shown in the supporters of the regime where they give blind support where they see the plight of their countrymen under tight austerity measures by the regime in Asmara. Think about people passed started from the national service where they are abused by their officers, and let then forced to flee under shoot to kill policy, then reaching to Sudan, and later many ups and downs and the different scenario made them heartless as they pass very tough situation and loss their status of mind and vulnerable to various crimes including murder.


May she R.I.P.So long as the evil HGDEF empire conuentis to debase our young people to live with trauma of wars and violence, the net result will always be manifested in violence like this tragic one. It is also a warning for those of our youth who need the counseling to take action and sick the help they need while residing in advanced western countries


I always frueigd beauty was subjective- from culture to culture there are differences in perceptions of beauty and different standards for crime too, obviously. One man's art is another man's crime etc etc. The status-quo of beauty standards isn't definitive, it's ever-changing and so is art.The anonymous commenter JB' is very smug to think their comments are very philosophical. Huge generalisations too- beauty is not always inextricably linked to good- it often- especially in nature, denotes something poisonous-just because something is delicate, or elaborate or colourful doesn't mean it's good for you. I wish I could educate you, you poor unfortunate soul but instead I shall condescend you for your lack-lustre effort at criticising this article, which revealed you as a fool.Also well done for cack-handedly misinterpreting that quote. The awe of horror that relates to murder is synonymous with the sublime'-greatness. Murderers like Charles Manson and Genocidal Dictators like Hitler are examples of sublimely horrific rulers who commanded reverence when they committed their crimes and after too, sadly - you can not like it but it's true that some people consider/ed these men's creativity with human cruelty as artistic- for how sublimely terrible it was.While I think Emily's article could do with a hell of a lot more research, I get the impression this article is written like an introduction, as though she intends to expand upon the points she has made and maybe even have her mind changed. I for one, having researched into evil- a topic equally as difficult to navigate as crime, think that there is definitely an art' to cruelty, sadism, masochism and many other ultimately heinous criminal activities.I do not condone evil art or criminal art whole-heartedly but there are many areas of art that are indeed criminal, that are well known aspects of art history.Look into Neoism, Guillermo Vargas, Santiago Sierra, Cosey Fanny Tutti, Marina Abramovic- they have all made art that could be considered criminal, also Ai WeiWei for a recent example- it becomes more of a question of ethics, the boundaries which our societies set for art and humanity are powerful and definitely to be discussed.I'm not sitting here saying Emily or I are the know it all's of art and crime but it takes moxie to make your own website and put a well thought opinion into words and I think JB deserves being brought down a peg or two. Well done Emily! I look forward to reading more! xx


. Because the thing is I just have a different way at coinmg at it- I do not think beauty or morality is subjective. The point about the sublime is a good one, I think you are right about acts such as the holocaust bordering on sublimity. But I don't think single crimes, such as murder, are sublime, since they are comprehensible. I think the complication with the word reverence' is that it has two very different meanings. I think you mean reverence' the attitude- acknowledging someone's power, where I was interpreting it in the emotional, religious senseAlso re: #bex, I do see what you mean, that scene in Lord of the Flies is beautiful. But I think it is Piggy's tragic death and Golding's writing that makes it art, not the act of murder itself. In real life, if a kid pushes a kid of a cliff, I don't think it's art.


That's a wise awnser to a tricky question


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